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I just found your lovely work on etsy and think I am in love! Your work is so lovely! What mediums do you use? My mum, sis and I are trying to get into Etsy now and I am hoping to get some of my illustrations up. I would love for you to check out my blog (aniradesigns.blogspot.com) and our etsy site (seller name: Whimsybitsandbobs) and let me know what you think!

Keep up the inspiring work!

Karina Beck

Ann M. Gorman

Beautiful art work and beautiful site!



I have just sent an email to paperchase complaining about this.

I hope if enough people do then they will get the message.

Good Luck


Miss Montenaro

With tools like Tineye around, the excuses of those who plead "unknowingly ... in good faith" are beginning to wear a little thin. I feel very strongly about this; I will email them and I won't buy from them again - unless they deal with this fairly and without using protracted litigation to win by "default".


Eloise, I just got back from the Glass, Cinder and Thorns exhibit at 323 East in my hometown, and I have to say, I think your anchor piece stole the show. It was a great exhibit, and you have compelling talent.


Hi Eloise, I just discovered your work on Lucky Pony's Blog and I absolutely love your work! It's so mysterious... I would Love to be the winner of the Bear being led by the hair... it's totally perfect for me... you are truly talented:-)


I have absolutely fallen in love with your work!

We live in a small cottage on a farm, full of old oak beams and stone walls. We are right next to a wooded nature reserve and overlook farmland and valleys.

Your art will be very much at home here!

I have just ordered some prints as a gift to myself and it will take some time before we can afford them all, but they will definitely make it here eventually <3

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