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August 02, 2011


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karen Davis

What an absolutely magical way of packing your jewelry! Gorgeous! Well done! :)


absolutely adorable!


Hi Eloise, this is my first time on your blog and I am seriously impressed with your packaging! In fact, I kinda want to buy something from you just for the packaging itself. Maybe you should start including pictures of the packaging in the product description instead of keeping it as a surprise! x

vintage gold rings

What a fantastic idea for packaging. Though I disagree with Kathrine, the whole point is the surprise. That's what makes the purchase experience here so fun.


We can handle any thing from cell phone covers to pharmaceutical products and anything else you wish for us to store, pick and pack or fulfill for your busy company.


Your artwork is precious and unique. Absolutely lovely.


This makes me want to order things just to get the packaging! it looks absolutely lovely. When scanning through you blog I originally thought it was actually a book full of your beautiful artwork (which I think you should definitely consider doing, I know I'd buy one!)

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