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October 18, 2010


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Oh my goodness the tea packaging is totally awesome! What a great idea :)

Stephanie Webb

very sweet, I am going to check out your shop right now!


Oh my goodness those teabags. It makes me want to buy just to see the postal packaging. All your items are yummy so that wont be a problem. Just have to wait for payday.

Hidden Eloise

Oh thank you all! It took a lot of love to design the teabags so i'm very grateful for your positive comments!

Bear hugs,
Eloise xxxx


Hi Eloise,
I absolutely love your art work especially the little quotes that accompany them. Have you come accross the welsh mabinogion tales?


Love your work.
Just found out that Paperchase copied your work, they have copied mine too, and I have been told that there is nothing I can do about it. Devastated.
Claire (splotdesigns)x


Adorable. I'd love to read about how you go about manufacturing your unique packaging. I've read a bajillion articles online about how artisans should customise their packaging but none on how to actually do it.

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