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September 20, 2010


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awesome! I'd love to win :)

Julie Robertson

Ooh! Yes please! That looks gorgeous.


Thanks for the giveaway :D SO PRETTY!!!
[email protected]


what a beautiful locket! thank you for holding this giveaway :)


I would lovelovelove to win this! Therefore, I'm donning my funny hat that looks a little like this:

And also wearing my fairy wings, just for luck! *fingers crossed*

Victoria Stitch

oh my gosh this is the NICEST necklace i have ever seen! i would LOVE to win it so much!!!

Emily D

Chiming in! This necklace is gorgeous.

Kaye Prince

Oh so pretty! I would love to wear this little lovely around my neck!

April H

I love this locket! My husband is in the Navy and so I love that she has a ship on her head and that the waves are her hair!


too cute!


So cute i would love to make this apart of my wardrobe this fall.

Louisa Rose

Ekkk! Am so excited for the chance to win this. Thank you for doing such an awesome give away x


Such a beautiful locket! Love her ocean-inspired 'do'. Does that tiny book contain a treasure map? :D x


Putting on my squid hat and doing a little dance. Gorgeous locket! Can't wait to see who wins!


Oh, this is more than charming...I just can't wait till monday and I sure do hope I'll be the lucky one ;-)

Amber H

I love books, I love your artwork.. what could be a more perfect combination?


Always loved this picture. I had a theory when I was little that it didn't matter what you wore to the beach, that the sea would recognise you, that the first time you saw it you were filed in it's memory and every time since, on boat or on forign shore it knew you instantly.


This is amazing! I love it. :)


cross my fingers & cross my toes for a beautiful trinket that glimmers and glows xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


May your day be filled with sparkles and warm fuzzy feelings!


There must surely be a rainbow at the end of the world to deliver such treasure!
I adore your artwork and this locket made my heart skip a beat :)
Thanks for such a spiffing giveaway!


Love, Love, Love


i've never won anything in my life! do i get a go seeing as how i live in australia. oh please, oh please...pick me, pick me!! am so in need of a pretty thing to cheer me up. ok now i just sound desperate...i should stop commenting.


I just discovered your Etsy store/this blog today and I absolutely love it! Your stuff is amazing. The locket is lovely!

Christina Thorne

Love it! Wearing my favorite funny hat, cat hat- purple with cat ears :) Would love to get some of these in my store soon too!
[email protected]

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