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June 09, 2010


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Sadly, I have now decided to unsubscribe to this blog feed. I think your art really is wonderful and salute your life choices, but think you should have ended your post when you'd types 'We are very happy with our decision'. Sorry.

Hidden Eloise

Nothing to feel sorry about dear Mack. I am sharing my news and my life and thoughts, you are not obliged to read it. I'm not sure what annoyed you so much but it's all good. :)

Wish you all the best!
Bear hugs,

Sarah W.

Sounds great to me! After seeing your love of animals in your art, it seems like a natural choice. I've been vegan for 12 years, so if you need any cookbook recommendations or vitamin lectures, feel free to ask.

Oh, and the two dozen fresh-baked cookies in my kitchen say that vegans do have fun...mmm.


I made some delightful vegan cookies today! That said I believe that humans are meant to be omnivores. I only eat meat and dairy/eggs from ethical farms, but I do love me some bacon!

Hidden Eloise

My dear Sarah, the tasty recipes in your blog must be eaten! By me preferably!

And i do love me some bacon too, my dear Hannah. :) I believe though that humans can be whatever they want to be and overcoming our natures is part of the game of life.

Differences in opinion, but it seems we are all connected by the love of vegan cookies! :D

Bear hugs,
Hidden Eloise xxx


I agree: humans have a mind to think, so we can choose to do the best we can.

I respect your decision, my father also chooses to eat in that way.
I'm not crazy about meat, I have my ups and downs, mostly I listen to my body.
But whatever it is I always pick it from eco-farms or so - it is very important to me.

Dober tek (bon appetit)! :)

Stephanie Fizer Coleman

Wow, I don't know what is so offensive about this post to make someone stop reading your blog! Oh well, I guess you can't make everyone happy all of the time, right?

I've also been a vegetarian for a very long, since I was 8 years old and just in the last few months made the transition to be vegan too. I can honestly say that I've never felt better.

If you haven't tried it yet, here's a yummy recipe for vegan crumb cake: http://veganyumyum.com/2008/06/crumb-cake/


I absolutly respect anyone who cares for animal welfare and making postive choices about what they eat and for what reasons. Having said that I'm a small scale farmer rearing my own animals and chickens for eggs and meat. I farm rare and tradional breeds to ensure their survival, it may seem bonkers to some to eat rare breed farm animals but its the only way to keep these breeds in exsistence, other wise it would all be cross bred commerical hybrids with code numbers insted of names roaming the countryside. My small farm works with protecting the enviroment, I'm only able to ensure the meadows stay full of native wild flowers because they are grazed by sheep. Meat eating isn't bad its the way people often have no idea where the food comes from and choosing cheap intensive reared meat that is wrong.

Some of my chickens are 7 years old and still laying. Its the battery farm chickens that are disposed off after 2 years being in a cage. They don't stop laying when they reach 2 years old but their productivity drops. Prehaps if people feel strongly about chickens being killed from battery farms they could rehome some ex batts from one of the numerous charities.

Hidden Eloise

My dear Sofie,

Thank you for sharing your story, i too respect the work you do and i'm happy that your animals at least live far longer and better lives than what the industry standard is. I would still do away with meat eating but i appreciate the conservation that you are doing.

For what it's worth, if a farmer made sure to keep her chickens alive and happy after their laying days are over until the end of their natural lives, i would be willing to buy eggs from them. They would practically be vegan eggs, just happy chickens working a bit to make a living like we all do. I'm very serious about this, i'm not just saying. Even if eggs were ten times the cost, the zero suffering to living things is worth it.

Can i ask you two things if you could share your great knowledge with us? First, how much more expensive would your eggs be if you kept all pensioner chickens :) after they finished laying eggs (killing no chickens or cocks ever, unless to humanely relieve them of great suffering in old age)? Secondly, is there a way to know if an egg is male before it hatches? This last question is because i think it would be much better to not let the extra males hatch, rather than kill them after they are born.

I understand that the market may be still small for "vegan" eggs, but i am very interested to see if this is even possible.

Thank you so much for sharing and very eagerly waiting for your response!

Wish you a bright sunny day!
Bear hugs,
Hidden Eloise xxx


i say well done my bee carer - i would love to be as strong and willfull as you. after 11 years of being vegetarian the bacon got to me. my head knows its all wrong but my stomach and weak head has blinkers on. the whole point of a blog is to let others know your thoughts and views too many of us just like to have the blinkers on.... especially when a cream cake is looking at me... sorry mrs moo cow its pretty hideous what happens to you for me to have 2 minutes of yummyness...


I love this blog post !
I haven't read your blog for a while, now I came back after many months, and I am very happy another person has made the choice to become a vegan.

Your art is great and I hope people who unsubscribe from your blog for non-reasons don't raise doubts in you.

There are many, many vegetarians and vegans all over the world who are proud of you. You are giving hope to everyone who really loves animals and for this I want to thank you soooo much!

Stay the way you are; open and honest and a fabulous artist.

I admire you !


Thank you for sharing your life choice and for inspiring others to share. I lived in Madison, Wi. during undergrad and this debate was at the forefront of much of my activism. The alternatives are much greater and therefore cheaper in big cities (especially ones like Madison), which made belonging to that community and supporting local produce easy. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep my blood sugar stable as a vegetarian, so now I choose meat wisely and try to support humane efforts. I think if every one did just a little for livestock welfare and sustainable farming, the changes would be tremendous!

Thanks to all of you!

Cristina Lopez

you are amazing! i love your art...and the fact that youre vegan just makes you awesomer

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