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May 20, 2010


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Vicky Rowe

Oh please let it be me!!! I have a selection of your postcard size prints (no Envy) this is so exciting!! xxx


Wow what a generous giveaway! Please include me. I love your Art work :) xx


this would go nicely with my collection.
looks great by the way!


Oh deer me! How exciting!
They look lovely!


I would love to own some of your beautiful art <3


How wonderful to have your art on that album! Beautiful!!!


What a fabulous prize, I'd love to be included, thanks!

Amanda Makepeace

Wow! What a wonderful giveaway. Please count me in. I'd love to own some of your magical artwork. :D


Wow! What a lovely giveaway!! I would love to be included.


I used to chase after deer when I was a small child, but now I'm glad I didn't catch any


Very beautiful :D


Oh how lovely you are I would love to win these goodies they are beautiful

wendy crossan

The 'oh deer' art work is stunning ... x

Claire Davenport

Wow! How fabulous! I love 'Oh Deer', such a sweet print.


I like it very much! Count me in, too, please.


I'd really love this! How pretty!


Ooh, exciting. I've been listening to Adrienne's album regularly ever since you posted a link to her site. And who wouldn't want to own some of your art?

amber perrodin

stunning. would be proud to own one of your works!


so lovely!


I like this print so much!! Please count me in!


What a lovely give away indeed! Count me in too, please. I love your artwork.


I love your artworks! Please enter me! :)


nice giveaway!


Very nice giveaway,please count me in.
I have been an admirer of your artwork for quite some time. Thank you for the chance! Theresa


Oh pick me pick me. That will look lovely with the ones I already have. Fingers very firmly crossed

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