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March 02, 2010


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David White

Beautiful work. I am really pleased you made me aware of your work via Twitter - I think I feel the need for one of your lovely emotive prints on my studio wall...


You could always edit the Wikipedia article?

Hidden Eloise

Mr David White, you are more than welcome to come and play anytime! :)

Mr Jens Ksorensen, it is not right for me to alter a Wikipedia article that involves me. I cannot claim objectivity even though i believe i could be impartial.

A kind soul has already made an amendment though. It's up to the people to maintain Wikipedia, as always. :)

Bear hugs,
Hidden Eloise

Adrienne Pierce

I love this photograph. I am excited to the lovely pendants. I will definitely be ordering one. :)

Jane F

It's gone all quiet....have they kidnapped you?

Send the bear! xx


Hi, I just found you and bookmarked you - I found you through etsy. I'm a fellow indie artist and illustrator - you can see me and see some of my work here:


I'm writing because upon discovering you and your work I read about the Paperchase saga and though the co. sounded vaguely familiar to me I was still struggling to wrap my brain around it and so I kept reading. Then I saw the pics and it all came flooding in and became crystal clear - here it is -
On the way home from work one day (in the last two months) I decided to break up my horrific hour and a half commute with a stop in Borders bookshop here in Oak Ridge NJ USA and as Borders bookshop here host ALL PAPERCHASE products these days to the point of regurgitation (especially once they go clearance) which usually I dig because at least the products appear slightly-indie-design-looking in a going mass-marketish kind-of way and as I was browsing I lit up at seeing from a distance a tote/bag that seemed to have a very cool and delightful young girl on it and so I zoomed over and picked up the bag (the same illustration you showed in your pics that the designer copied the outline of) and I was thinking I am so going to buy this, but as I held it in my hands and got a closer look, I SWEAR I became disenchanted and felt that ultimately it looked too contrived. I trust my instincts and gut unequivocally and so I put it down and did not buy it. Not to mention that I cannot afford to spend my hard-earned money on anything I don't feel passionate about! Fast forward to tonight when I am etsy browsing and I see this image of a girl and bear that is lush in color and emotive quality, genuine and truly delightful - so much so I purchased a mirror, a pin and a pair of prints! The moral of the story - what these companys did was utterly ugly and financially pirate-like and it scares me completely! BUT in the end they have a lifeless product with no prana (lifeforce) or energy - its your work that is full of life. You have now become someone I admire and I would love to write a post (not about all of this evil) but you as an inspiring artist on my blog.
p.s. thank you for reading my rant...you are amazing.


I love my hidden print in my baby's room. time for more!


wow... i'm quite shocked!!! and while its such a shame that you do not get any money from paperchase, i DO THINK any artist who hears your story, anyone who buys the ripped off version THEN hears your story, will forever be on YOUR SIDE... no matter what they say, YOU are not the liar... and i don't even know you but know this situation is far too ridiculous to believe them over you!!!!

its sad but i worked for a company where they would find images online or in magazines... they'd ask me to redraw it and since it was being changed more than 30%, it wasn't infringement... i HATED when they asked and often changed it enough to NOT feel bad but also enough for them to NOT LIKE IT... eventually such projects were given to another designer... better in my conscious :)

i am glad this has reached the art community and you got a ton of support! you deserve it! your work is beautiful and you deserve to be noticed AND respected!!!!


And Paperchase is at it again: http://img.skitch.com/20100327-mq72u5esykbw2gccaad5x7493i.jpg


Do you see that they've got into hot water again?

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