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February 15, 2010


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So sorry that this happened to you. I hope you can put it behind you soon and get back to creating and doing what you love.


Wow. I *was* going to suggest that someone set up a paypal account, so all your supporters could contribute a small amount towards legal fees, and help you get the justice you deserve, until I read this post.

Now I'm just blown away by, as others have pointed out, your dignity and attitude. To make the decision that your rightful recompense for this is less important than the damage it might do to the artist and agent, is beyond magnanimous (sp?). You are clearly a very special person to be so selfless.

You may have faced down a faceless corporate giant, but in our eyes, you stand a hundred feet tall!

May I suggest though, that it may be worth *someone* (not necessarily you, but with your consent) setting up a petition so that all those who plan on boycotting Paperchase can stand up and be counted? Once they see how this is hurting their image- and more importantly to them, their sales, they may be prepared to make a fairer offer.

Many hugs

Claire Henley

As a fellow designer/illustrator I'm shocked by all this plagiarism stuff. There's a piece on your story right at the front of Progressive Greetings magazine this month. Well done for sticking to your guns, keeping your dignity and striking a blow for originality. People who nick stuff because they are too lazy or unskilled to do it themselves should pick another career!

Piero La Franca

I'm a designer who was thinking of contacting Paperchase to offer them a new line of designed articles that I've created and your blog has put me off them altogether. It seems that you can't trust anybody in this business so that means that I will do them myself and go alone.
Thank you very much for the information.


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