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February 11, 2010


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You are a star! it seems copyright is only an important matter if your a multimillion pound music or film company. Many photographers, artists and even font makers are often in your position. Wish you all the best in getting paid for your work.

Mr Tom

Poor you! it must be a nightmare day!

We thought the telegraph article was really nasty.

Hehe maybe our print hanging on the wall will be worth more after all this press though :p

We think you're great :o)

Rowan | KitschenSink

So pleased to see the support you are getting on this. I'll be keeping a close eye.

It occurred to me as I read their statement that they apologise ti their customers and not to you.

I only bought something from Paperchase a few days ago. They are so convenient to buy from as they are in the station I pass through twice a day. I will no longer buy from them.

Best of luck, I hope you get the credit you deserve for the work, and I hope Paperchase and Gather No Moss go down the toilet!

Rowan xoxo


For me, this issue was to do with how Paperchase responded to you when you raised your concerns to them last year. They seemingly felt they were too big and that you were too little to be concerned about. How wrong they were.


It's flogging fake levis from the boot of a Mini Metro really, just on a much larger scale. It's disgraceful that they carried on selling in the first place, even having been made aware that the design had been ripped off and their current We didn't do it, nobody saw us do it, you can't prove anything stance is just pathetic along with what seem to be desperate attempts on their part to paint themselves as the victim in all of this is just scraping the bottom of the barrel. You stick to your guns girl, I'm pretty sure anybody to have ever picked up a pen at this stage is firmly behind you. I know I am:)


Well done for outing this. Their 'statement' is not going the help their case with their customers at all, they missfired there as they did with trying to fob you off in the first place.


Just dropped in to say I too will boycott Paperchase until you get a satisfactory response from them.All too often are artists robbed in this way.


What makes me happy is that this is an excellent example how small people CAN actually make a difference. I'm glad I can't find that album nor the tote bag from Amazon any longer. It seems almost like a victory to me. Stay strong!

lucykate crafts...

i posted this on twitter earlier, their response is the same as i get from my 4 year old son when he's been naughty 'it wasn't me, she did it'!

good luck with sorting it all out.


Very well done!


I'm sorry that this has happened to you, but I'm glad that I see you fighting ...and I'm even more glad that probably by now they already realized that small people are actually far from beeing small ... hopefully winning of good ones over the bad ones is not reserved just for fairytales...you go girl!!!


Just to say Good Luck! The paperchase item is sooo obviously a copy. All the best in your endeavour.


Coming to the game late here...

I can understand them buying the design in the first place. Fine. But once you made them aware of your work -- and it is PLAINLY obvious that their design is derivative of yours -- the ball was in their court to rectify the situation, either by pulling these items entirely or negotiating with you to continue selling them.

Instead, they chose to brush you aside. And they freely admit to it too. And I hope that it will, as it looks to be doing, burn them.

On the upside, something tells me you've seen a LOT more traffic to your Etsy page in the last day. ;) I've seen your artwork before and loved it. Now I just might buy some!

Julia Odell

Just a quick note to say we are all supporting you. Its very hard taking on giants and dealing with the media. I know, unfortunately, from painful experience. I'm an artist too and we need to help each other. We are all open to this kind of abuse. Sleep well tonight knowing that many are thinking of you. I doubt the PR team at Paperchase will! :D I'll continue to follow the story on here and twitter. Night night. Julia


just wanted to say I am supporting you and I wish you good luck .


Hi there, I am another victim of this, I think the newspaper article will have a link to my blog entry about the same situation that happened to me last year with a large plush company in the US. Same scenario that they contracted a design company and took no responsibility, yadda yadda yadda....... Good on you for taking it further that I did!!!!! I got intimidated and couldn't handle the effect the negative energy was having on my work. So I let them off! I will be following!!!!!!! The best of luck in having a positive end, I am sick of these people thinking that us independents have no recourse and they can just steal our sweat and tears.


Sleep tight, safe in the knowledge that you have definitely won the battle. The war is still to come xx

Aleximo Croissant

Wonderful to hear all the support you're getting, my best wishes for you, and we're all here for you, xXx


You have my absolute sympathy on this whole affair. A bit of advice, though: I would be more worried about this 'reputable design studio' than Paperchase themselves. I've studied design at uni, where fellow students knowingly used images they pulled from the internet in their work, assuming they would never get caught. I could see though that even as a student, once the temptation and convenience is there, it would be so easy to plagarize for a living - it's an age of information, and people use Google Image as their own personal clipart gallery.

Designers should know better, but sadly, when there's money to be made, that temptation of convenience can be too great - obviously, someone thought they could personally benefit from the hard work you did.

I think both you and Paperchase should receive apologies and compensation from that design company, and that talentless greed-mongering so-called 'designer' should lose their job, as well as receiving a hard kick in the seat of their pants.


hang in there sweet girl! We are all on your side.


Found a link to the two designs side by side. Paperchase would have done better to buy your design flat-out; your bit with the bear was so much nicer than the silly mushroom design.

Sandie Russo

Just keep pushing on - like the little engine that could! (I think I can...I think I can...). You are in the right, and many others are behind you!

Kaye Prince

Wow, this has really gotten out hasn't it? I'm so glad! As I mentioned yesterday, I sent them a message and twittered about this, and I'm happy (and relieved for you) that they noticed. Looks like you've got a lot of supporters on this one...I think we'll see a good ending to this yet!

Loquacia Loon

really hope this all turns out well for you. no companies can be allowed to get away with plagiarism like this.


It wasn't me miss, the other kids made me do it...

so glad everyone has formed ranks supporting you, hope it all ends well. Suspect you'll be out of stock any day!

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