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February 10, 2010


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GAH! I'm so sorry to hear about this, I have the print by you and it's one of my favourites... so sad that they decided to copy rather than ask to use your own (much superior) work.


This makes me so mad, and so sad at the same time!
damn the big guys and the ripping off of artists, you see it way too much these days :(
im so sorry this is happening to you!


I retweeted it…
bad paperCHASE-company!

I'm sorry.

cheering up greetings from snowy from germany


sending a note too, and Neil Gaiman has just broadcast this via twitter!
have RT it for you as well.
Shame on Paperchase!!


You may have already been informed of this, but Neil Gaiman just linked to your post on Twitter. I'm so sorry this has happened to you, your art is stunning.


I've emailed them as well regarding their theft. Seems copyright is only an issue if it's music or motion pictures.

Lauren Cooke

Email sent for you :) Hopefully it will have some impact, if not at least we can damage their reputations.


I tweeted about this as well to spread the word about the evil that is Paperchase.


I am spreading the word and the Paperhate. Wrong wrong wrong.... take it to the top.... and take them down!


Hi from Malaysia, saw Neil Gaiman's tweet and am very upset by a company I'd always liked till now. As a journalist I may have an affinity for notebooks but above all, I respect copyright. Have sent in an email. Please update us if they contact you. =)


This is truly shocking! Retweeting and linking to this on fb!


I've just come over from someone menitoning this on twitter & I will certainly be passing this on too for others to see!

I think this is disgraceful of Paperchase & I've just read the above message from Jacqueline too ~ how shocking is that!?!?
I really feel for you, this is such a difficult & awful situation that Paperchase have put you in.



This is sickening. I will never understand why people think they deserve to get away with these things. Have emailed, crossly.


I too am very sorry for you-- have written to paperchase and will spread the word



I dont know if you know about Twitter.. but there is quite a campaign going on on your behalf. People are appalled by the blatant plagiarism of your work. To such an extent, in fact, that it has become a UK 'Trending Topic'. That means it's in the top 10 most tweeted about subjects in the UK. There has to be thousands of tweets in order for that to have happened.

There is no way that Paperchase can miss it. I do hope this works out well for you. Your work is just beautiful.

Warmest wishes,


( @hen4 on Twitter :) )

Alex G

Grr, so wrong! I've tweeted about this and posted a review on Amazon as well. We shouldn't let them get away with it. You don't need a lawyer - just the power of teh interwebs :-)

Ellie Gibbons

This is awful! Neil Gaiman actually Tweeted about this, so hopefully a lot more people will be writing this awful company about their blatant theft and perversion of your art!! i wrote them a note for you! i hope everything works out! <3


What about going to a local media outlet? I'm sure it'd be great news to find out big business is doing this and the fact that you can't get legal aide. If anything, it would tell the community this is happening and raise awareness for it.

Nina Greaves

This is outrageous!! We are an online card company in the UK www.funkypigeon.com and we have in-house designers and also feature Uk artists' designs and pay a commission on every single product sold.

The creator owns absolute ownership and this kind of behaviour by the big boys should be penalised heavily and also made public.

Shocking news and we sincerely wish you all the very best, should you wish to submit your work to us here please do get in touch.


I'm retweeting this right now. I wonder how many artists they stole from like that... ugh!


Written to Paperchase after a friend RTed this. So sorry. Hope you get your day in court, you deserve it.


That's shocking. I've written to complain and will definitely not be buying from Paperchase any more. I've also retweeted and blogged for you. This has to stop.


Re-tweet and nasty-grams sent.

Lynfa Davies

Sorry to hear this - will definitely tweet on your behalf and not buy their stuff...


Hi there,
I've not seen your work before but just heard about this on Twitter, its terrible but if you get enough attention on it they would probably take it down so you should tell everyone!
I've retweeted it and emailed paperchase, I hope this ends in a happy way

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