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February 10, 2010


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Kun Dang

As a consultant for brands doing social media, I'm very surprised Paperchase isn't doing more to manage their reputation.

Oh well, I hope things are resolved for you in the end!

cari-jane hakes

I just wrote to Paperchase! I'm so happy you have had this internet viral success! It's fabulous and I'm so happy for you - I only hope it boosts your sales and that some good comes from all of this.

"Dear Paperchase
I'm writing in response to the news that you have bought a design that has been copied from the work of Eloise of 'Hide n Seek'. Whilst I understand you bought the design 'in good faith' it is shame that you did not take Eloise's request to stop selling her copied design until the whole thing blew up on the internet. I love Paperchase, the shop, your products and art materials. However, this incident has reminded me that really, it is better to buy from small, independent retailers and I will use Etsy and other companies in the future. Next time when someone tells you that you have bought a ripped off design you should act more promptly - or better still - employ some good designers to come up with some original artwork that you can sell ethically."

Wendy Seaman

I have seen that the products have now been taken off their website, however there is a store near me in the UK, I would be more than happy to check to see that they are not selling them in their stores over here still.
I hope you do get this matter sorted.
Kind regards


What an awful, awful experience! I'm equal parts morally and aesthetically outraged. The plagiarism is one thing, but the tacky bastardization of your beautiful original is downright astonishing. I'm so glad that it seems that things have been resolved--I hope that many, many good things continue to hatch from this bad egg:)


Hello, I read about you in the Guardian and searched for you to read the story. I really can't believe these money hungry giants. I used to work for a card publishing company who always stole other peoples work and it made me so cross that I quit, along with another string of reasons. I think it is disgusting to take advantage of you like this, I hate the commercial design world, it is so mean to true creative people.


well, they moved on from you to me:



Darn !! I was begining to love PaperChase !!Little did I know of the coping of artwork !! My sisters do this to me all the time (I pretty good at art) and I hate it !! I hope you keep working at it !!

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Displays only in it for me so much experience with depth and meaning for their readers. Thank you for sharing!

John Savage

As a fellow plagiaree, in a similar position, you have my absolute, unconditional support. This kind of thing must be stopped. These corporate parasites must be shamed and made to pay. They are destroying innovation which damages all of us.



That's awful. The animation is clear proof that they plagiarized your work. Maybe enough bad advertising and word of mouth pressure to Paperchase will work.



I wonder if Susie and Eloise can somehow start a joint suit...eyugh. I just wrote to them and let them know I plan to let my local store (that carries their brand) know what they are up to....

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Plagiarism Checker - http://plagiarisma.net - free online duplicate content finder.

rachael taylor


I've just been made aware of this & your awful situation. It was flagged to me as a I'm in a similar situation.

please see http://rachaeltaylordesigns.blogspot.com/2010/06/i-have-been-copied.html

I would love your advice:)

Rachael x


So sorry to hear about that... $40000 for court expenses is too much! did you have the work registered under copyright? I´ve heard it´s easier to claim your rights if you have it.

I´m an illustrator and the ghost of plagiarism really scares me...!

I wish you very good luck! your work is amazing! ;)


Oh My God That is really terrible! Shame on Paperchase.

FAP Turbo

Put up the lowest resolution you can (72 dpi is good enough for online viewing) and copies can only be made very small. Watermark the image, and put the watermark right in the middle. Thieves will always find a way. Make it less appealing for them when they do.

Matt Powell

I would like to appreciate the great work done by You


love this print it would be perfect in my room


Shame on Paperchase. You have my support and I sent them an email expressing my low opinion of the company and their plagerizing. I hope you will be duely compensated for their unauthorized use of your art work.

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