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February 10, 2010


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what is even more disgusting to note is that when you leave a comment they automatically sign you up for their newsletter...how annoying!


Oh Eloise.. I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you! I'll be writing to express my complete disgust and dissapointment in the company.. maybe there'll be enough of us to rattle their cage. I'll retweet your post too.. would you mind if i directed my blog readers to your post also?

You have my support :o)


Chloe x


I just sent them an email! I hope you get enough awearness on this, as it has to stop!

Take care,

Hidden Eloise

I cannot thank you enough! All of you! I'm putting my battle hat on and marching forward!

Of course my dear Chloe and everyone else, feel free to link to my post and tweet or share however you like!

Bear hugs,
Eloise xxx


I'm so SO sorry this is happening to you. You're one of my very favourite artists, and this is so unfair and infuriating. I'll definitely write them an e-mail asap. Good luck - I hope justice will be made.


This is infuriating. It's a very sad thing that so many big companies have so little integrity. Their "designers" are just a bunch of talentless, unimaginative people who scour the websites for independent artists to rip off.

I am so deeply sorry this has happened to you, and I honestly feel your pain. You are a brilliant artist and a wonderful human being. Just remember we're all in your corner!



Hey Eloise,

The blogger who featured the totes credited the design to a 'Kitty Mason' of 'Gather no Moss' - this is the website the design apparently came from, if this'd help...


Chloe x


I am so sorry that this is happening to you, it's every artists worst nightmare.

Good luck with the fight,and I'll also spread the word for you.

Take care


you know what i think my lovely. angry letter-done, tweet-done. tobyboo hugs and spy eyes out at all times xxx


Recently discovered your work (which I love!). This is really wrong and sick, going to message them. Glad you are sticking up for yourself and artists in general.


Used to love Paperchase because I thought they were so innovative and cool with their graphics. Now I know how they do it, I'm rather less impressed. Thanks to Jaqueline for her insight (above), and to you for speaking out in such intelligent and measured terms. I hope it works out somehow. In the meantime, I'm off to smash my Paperchase owl mug into the bin :o/ Jen x


I'm fuming about this! I have contacted Paperchase and will be tweeting about this to try and raise awareness.



Letter sent. What a crappy corporation.

Hidden Eloise

You make me feel so strong, everyone! I will not take one step back!
I'm going to bed to recharge and start all over again tomorrow!

Warm bear hugs,
Eloise xxx


this has been happening so much lately.
a friend of mine had the same thing happen with asos and after exposing them on twitter, they did withdraw the item in question from the site.
she blogged about it here:
it will be more difficult for you as they have based an entire range on your character, but its still worth kicking up a stink!
it doesn't look like they have a twitter address, so can't get them directly that way. but if enough people email them, maybe they will do something. (or not!)
anyway, good luck with it all,
and don't let the bastards grind you down!
take care,

Deadly Knitshade

I sent them an email too. Disgraceful behaviour.

Fingers crossed you get it sorted.

Fabulous work by the way. I do heart a dignified bear. :)

Deadly Knitshade x


I also sent nasty letter on your behalf, perhaps if they are peppered with enough hate mail they will pull the products. Sorry this happened to you, I love your work.

Georgie Brothers

I'm shocked.

email sent to pc... grrr

Rest safe in the knowledge that your original is far superior

wishing you all the best,



I also wrote an email, as well, making sure to let them know that i would be telling my friends, they would tell their friends and so on. Such awful people.


Disgusting. Truly awful.
I'm sending a letter too! And retweeting!

ei! kumpel

I'm shocked... this is serious and very very sad! I admire your work very much and can only imagine how you are feeling.

I'm going to write them an email and more: I will not buy from paperchase anymore. After this, I can't really trust them.
Good luck,

Trudy Hylant artbytrudy

I am absolutely sickened..just sickened by this. This could happen to anyone of us. I will spread the word and write to them and really give them a piece of my mind. Despicable to say the very least!

My heart breaks for you Eloise..errrrghhhhhh


this is disgraceful. so sorry for you :-(


Have you contacted the AOI about this? Maybe they can help.


My gosh...this keeps happening more often...it's scary to think indie artists have no power at all...I hope you can resolve it all soon. I am so sad Paperchase is responding so negatively...sigh.

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