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May 11, 2009


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Thanks for such a great post full of great facts. I always find that myself with colour and i find it very very frustrating! I also find depending on what paper you print on depends on how rich the colours appear. For instance....glossy paper seems to print lighter than normal paper and Photo quality! oh the trials and tribulations of day to day life...nothing can be simple in this life ahhhh
At least the sun is shining!
Wishing you well on this sunny day

Hidden Eloise

I understand your frustration my dear Gem and it's exactly as you say. Use of Colour Profiles minimises all these issues (though not all of them as it's evident in my post above :D).

It takes an investment of a bit of money and a lot of time but you can take firm control of your colours in the end. There's much to share and i will share it all certainly :)

Many sunshines and bear hugs your way too sweetheart,
Eloise xxx

ayelet (nishale)

what ever the colors are, I adore this painting of yours!

ayelet (nishale)

ho! and you are very welcome to visit my blog! I will be very happy!!!!!!!!!

Jodi Queenan

I treat my paintings as photographs... using a pro-spider for my monitor.... Using labs that have collaborated equipment verses a printer.... I wish I could find a lab that had paper that is more like watercolor paper... "can't win them all".... I don't worry about what other people see... their monitors are off.... most of the time...

Any hoot... you are just awesome... thanks for the tips and I'm going to follow along with you...

Hidden Eloise

So good to see other artists taking colour seriously my dear Jodi!
I use a colormunki for my monitors and for casual printer profiling. The munki buckles on some papers though! Can never win them all indeed :)
Bear hugs,
Hidden Eloise xxx

becky farley

Oh my gosh I am so glad to hear you explain and understand the process!! I work at a print and design co. and people give us files in RGB all the time! And then are very disappointed to see them in CMYK. I wonder if you design in pantones or PSM colors if that would change it. I'm not really sure! Crazy colors lol

No matter.. your artwork is beautiful! You are very talented!

Hidden Eloise

Thank you for your kind words sweetheart! I will try to write more and raise awareness on the matter because i know few people mind their digital colours.
Since i am practically painting digitally, there are constantly complex gradients created so using set palettes won't do it for me.
Also, a little trick that may work for you: instead of converting an RGB file to CMYK directly, convert the colour profile of the file (from sRGB or AdobeRGB or whatever) to the CMYK profile you use. That way you have much more control of how the colours change. This is for Photoshop only though.
Thanks again and talk to you soon!
Bear hugs

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