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March 05, 2009


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Sunni Standing

I think you are so creative and I can sympathize with production costs. I did the same thing, thinking my time wasn't valuable and working myself to death and never getting ahead. Alas, I feel your pain and am glad that you are able to lower your costs and hopefully your time on production!


I do hope you do a post in the near future regarding your digital color management techniques. I've been trying and trying to perfect the world of digital color for a while now and can't seem to find the ticket. I've often wondered how you do it so well! ~Jillian


What a great and realistic way to look at your business. I am struggling with my pricing and worrying that most people will not be able to afford my creations. Thanks for speaking about it publicly since I think that most people are also considering this.

denise lever

Is it possible you could contact me regarding your work quite soon.
Before the end of March would be ideal.
I would like to discuss showcasing for you.
Your work is beautiful.
Kind regards

Hidden Eloise

I can certainly say, having worked under the new conditions for a couple of weeks now, that my productivity has increased quite a bit and there has been a decrease in waste too! Less wasted time on errors and less wasted materials.

The better colour management really makes a difference! I will definitely write about my adventures in digital colour but it's quite an undertaking so i will take it one step at a time. So many things to right on the subject and it's mostly boring and technical staff too!! I want to help though and i know that simple guides about colour management are rare.

I'll certainly keep writing about my adventures and sharing whatever may be helpful to anyone else! The age of trade secrets is soooo yesterday you know ;D

Bear hugs,
Eloise xxx

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