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December 09, 2008


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hope that mrs bear with a sore head gets better.....xxx

Linda Crispell

What a pretty blog.

Hidden Eloise

thank you thank you all!!
be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!


Thinking of you, hope you are well!

...ps...I very much enjoyed your story in the previous post! You always make me smile :D


Hello Hidden Eloise,

I am enjoying the gorgeous prints I purchased from your Etsy...my daughter loves hers too!

I hope that you are feeling better and I look forward to reading your fun blog!

Take care,

Sunni Standing

Oh my goodness! You do the most wonderful art! I'm so glad I found you! I love your site and your shop. You are very talented! A girl after my own heart! Thanks for sharing.


I just adore your art and will be a follower forever. Absolutely charming-reminds me of all my favorite childhood books.


come back soon badger.....hope the fairies are looking after you and making you better... xxxxx


come back to us!
Dip your feet in, 2009 is just fine!
we miss you:D

Agnes Deer

I love your blog and your etsy store! I found you looking for picture of Little Red Riding Hood and I decided to feature you in my "Week Review" post in my blog. It may be up there tomorrow, so feel free to check it out!


By the way where do I have to paste the code for your banner so it will appear in my blog?


Where is Eloise?

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