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October 31, 2008


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Eloise, you always give me my *tablespoonful* of sugar for the day, you are too sweet! Giveaways are always fun, but this one is *extravagantly* full of happiness, bearhugs, and *horsefeathers* (ok, I had to use horsefeathers...taht was my attempt at using it, haha)

I hope you are well my dear!

Hidden Eloise

lol!! so funny!! lol!!! Thank you so much all sweeties for the amazing and so funny comments!!
I'm enjoying them all so much!!!!

Hidden Eloise

Jessica my sweet girl!!! i just got your AMAZIng petite house!! ohh!! such beauty!
I'll write you in a bit about it :)) so happy!!!
horsefeathers?? hahaha i always wanted to use -stratovolcano- !! lol :DD


A hat you say? Ohhh....I have to go hunt it down my charming little friend who has waywardnesses behavior spirited them all away....little friend...little friend come back I need the hats....

andrea gutierrez

oh yes, please count me in for sure! there is too much good 'bearishnesses' here in this blog! (i hope that worked, lol!)

when you have a chance too, please check out my bee themed blog at http://beehaunting.blogspot.com, okay :)


I, with the inexorable pertinacity of a child, hope to win this giveaway. I never win anything, so I will perservingly hold out hope. I've been away from your blog for a while, on hiatus. I end this comment..apologetically (yes, that's 14)


As I sit here with my good natured pumpkin hat on I'm engrossed by the story of "The malpracticing *chiropractors* captured on *videocassette* by *investigative* *videographers* who were "characterized" by verbal *constipations* and *disguisements* of their *dubiousnesses*."

I'm so excited about your giveaway Eloise! The world of Eloise is such a charming place.


I'm sure the *gossipmongers* would enjoy discussing my *foolhardiness* if I won the *extravagances* from your shop because I am sure to be *overemotional* from the *wonderfulness* of winning!


This morning proved to be one of the more challenging wakefulnesses. I awoke in the bathtub with my hat still on. I had never imagined that my hairdressings could commit such unabashed promiscuities. It really should never have accompanied me into the tub in the first place. Perhaps I seem schoolmarmish in my prudishness, but I believe that one's own sanitizations ought to be free of such uncouthnesses.

But on the bright side, at least I didn't awake to find my wainscottings in the wafflestomper.

Tomorrow is a brand new day:)

I love your beautiful creations Eloise.

i'm laughing so hard right now....!!! lol!!
your comments are all so funny n great sweeties!!!!!
and i'm so happy to see some good old faces around too!!!yay!!
Welcome back sweethearts!!! :)))
So thank you all for taking part!!
It's not too long now an i wish you all the best of luck!!!!
Eloise xxx


Are there extra points for getting 13 13-letter words in? In any case, I've set myself a challenge now, so here goes...

Once upon a time, deep in a dark forest of furry trees, there lived a beautiful bear. He had such a sense of belongingness, living in those woods, and never wanted to leave. One day a hunter came, crisscrossing and traipsing through the woodland paths, passing over the fallen leaves with much crunchinesses, and he found the bear sleeping in his den. He halfheartedly raised his gun to the muzzle of the sleeping bear, but then, in a moment of impulsiveness and jitterinesses, he lowered his gun and pulled out the small sketchbook he kept in his backpack instead. He rapidly formed the shape of the sleeping bear’s head, the form of his brow, the way his fur grew...the intertwisting leaves and fronds that grew about him in his den. Just as he was completing his sketch, he turned to go, glancing back one last time, trying to preserve the memorableness of the moment in his mind's eye, and the wind changed, blowing his scent to the bear's nose. The black shiny nose twitched, as the bear's superpowerful olfactory system went into overdrive. There was a sense of synchronicity, as the hunter froze completely, and the bear opened his eyes, unblinkingly staring straight into those of the hunter. In that moment, bear and hunter were both thinking the same thought. They each pondered the unknowability of another being, the voicelessness of another’s thoughts. Bear and hunter, sharing that thought, each felt isolated from the other, yet were joined in the exact same uncanninesses of that sensation. Then the wind changed again, and the spell was broken. The hunter turned and was gone, the bear shifted his muzzle and closed his eyes, and the moment was forgotten.


SUPERBarrific giveaway! Would lovetowinthis!


Hi Eloise!

I adore your blog and your work, is just so cute!
All your goodies are also so very pretty too and I would love to win one of them as on Tue is my 24th Birthday! Hooray!

So here I am, with a pumking hat on my head, trying very much to think of the coolest 13 letter word ever.

OOOh! The pumking on my head is suggesting me this: "That as we are both from the same localizations* (England) we could perhaps meet sometime for a cup of tea and homemade shortbread bisquits! Perhapes we could also play Hide & seek too for a memorialising* afternoon!

Thank you!
Happy Sunday!

Giulia (Julia)

your sweet little sakura

is the word I offer thee
it is what I feel for my four little birds
so precious and delicate
the hat i wear is one made from my husbands aunt,
she is a 80 year old milliner in Okinawa
it is from hand woven fabric and is very unique indeed
I send all of my biggest & most heart felt autumn bear hugs
to you, my sweet little girl.
how incredibly lucky your winners will be..to own such beautiful things
that come from the most enchanted place...the studio of eloise!

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