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October 31, 2008


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Oo oo oo!
Count me in, baby! No hat, but my hair is up and is adorned with hair clips with bats on cobwebs, which I think are a pretty good substitute!!

Let me tell you the beginning of a story: Mr B Wolf was carnivorously searching the woods when he caught an intoxicating scent. He swung his head around and caught sight of something red before it disappeared between the trees. He was compelled to follow...

I'll tell you more about it later ;)


Eloise, my luv! I am sitting her with my halloween hat, munching on pumpking muffins, whilst slurping down my pumpking latte! All these accoutrements are making me feel a little "gourd-y". tee hee!

I'm slightly stupid as I'll never win being number one! Oh well, hopefully you'll find amusement from my crappy prose!

Hidden Eloise

hee hee :)) how sweet :) Thank you my lovely Stina!

I meant to write an example for all to see, which would be this:
"ohh i love all these goodies, i'll be *refrigerating* them :D lol!
...but yours is MUCH better hehee lol :)

Hidden Eloise

haha that's why i wanted i wanted to write the no1 but i wasn't fast enough!

"accounteements" !?!? see i didn't even spell it right!! lol
thank you my sweet Kathy!!
Have fun!!!!!
love love


Lamentably, I do not have a hat on, for I am at work and hat's are against the dress-code and would have be inappropriate and most likely have gotten my butt canned.

All that for a silly hat, however, it would have been a sacrifice well worthy of these amazingly splendid gifties.

Natalie (Organic Stills)

Beautiful blog. I would have worn a hat while typing this except I don't think I can fit one over my devil horns right now. Having said that, I am making a hat for my pumpkin - poor thing will be *humiliatingly* beheaded during our pumpkin decorating contest at work seeing as she is decorated as Anne Boleyn. =)


yay! goodies :)

i would just love to win presents from such an indispensable etsy artist!

im not so sure i used that correctly, but it was certainly fun trying :)

have a great great day!


i'm sitting here with a pumpkin on my head - luckily i can touch type because i cant see anything. good grief this thing is magnificently heavy.....can i take it off now?


I've only just found your beautiful work, but already I'm in love and I'll be completely *heartbroken* if I don't win! (It's not funny, but it's true.)


Today, I did an impersonation of a penguin. I got a few funny looks, what with it not being a typical Halloween costume, and several people mistook me for a nun. On the plus side, the free fish tasted *mighty* good.


Hanna T

what cute stuff! this give-away is definitely not disappointing! :)


i love the confectionary bearishnesses of your work
if i do not win, i will go berserk!

(clearly i mean bearishness in a good way :) )

Sarah W.

I couldn't resist the seductiveness of your giveaway...after all, today is the day we decide what to put on the walls in our new apartment, and with one of your prints already on display and another on the way, I guess I got greedy. Can you blame me, folks?

Hidden Eloise

oohh!! this is going *fantastically* well!! Thank you all sweeties!!...your comments are cracking me up !! :))

Tina...yes sweetheart you can remove the pumpkin now. lol!!!

and Schriftstellar...you are 2 letters short sweetheart...give it one more try if you wish :)
how about using "anfractuosity" ?...!!!?!?! lol



I already have this print, but to have another would be supercalifragilisticexpialidicious. =)
And I am *so* looking forward to your new goodies! I'll have to buy a mirror one of these fine days.



Hi Eloise, It was *heartbreaking* to have to give your print to my beautiful daughter for her birthday :p I still get to see it when we play in her room though. So now I find myself on etsy browsing your store yet again... hehe. Your work and style is just incredible. Can't wait to play again x Amanda

Hidden Eloise

sadgurl, i'm moving your comment here so you can enter the give-away :))

"I'm feeling quite adventuresome today so I decided to post a comment. Cheers!" *sadgurl*

Thank you :))


I have stumbled upon your etsy store while uploading some of my dolls. May I say you have the 'beautifullest' illustrations.


Courtney Quiet City

Not only is your art enchanting but it is sophisticated.

And that big list made my eyes cross! :)


Ohmygoodness. I'm so excited for this giveaway. Though, I'm not so sure how *cooperatively* I will be (um... I tried), seeing as how I look just awful in hats. But maybe thats the point. To look silly? Because being silly is fun, I know. My 2 year old daughter often puts a pretend shopping basket on her head, in the correct position, handle under chin, and calls it a helmet. She always brings it to me... "Mommy, you wear the hat?". And of course, I do. Maybe I could wear that right now, rather than a pumpkin? ...Ok, I'm wearing it. There is a bright red and yellow plastic childrens pretend shopping basket on my head. Right now. On me though, the handle doesn't quite fit under my chin. It hits right below the nose. I'm sure you can imagine just how adorable I look. Eleanore thinks so at least. Thats my daughter. People always ask me how I came up with her name. And honestly, I plucked it from a song. Hey Eleanore- by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Not because that song in particular meant anything special to me, because it doesn't (well, didn't). The album though, it did (and does). It reminds me of rainy days and nights, scarves and hot chocolates, and first dates with my now-husband. I wish I could say that I got Charlie's name (thats the one that goes kick-kick-kick, that we'll be meet next month) from something as meaningful. I'm honestly not sure where Charlie's name came from. I guess I just couldn't picture a baby boy wearing a black and white striped knit cap going by any other name. Charlie and Eleanore. It sounds nice together. Maybe someday Charlie will trade in his striped cap for a plastic shopping basket.


I would like to kindheartedly say that the puckishnesses of your accoutrements only add to their appeal aesthetically...uh...or something. :) in other words, I love this print!

Petite Ace of Spades

Oh my oh my ! I would *luv* to win ! These are amazing ... Such a generous giveaway !

I'm french, so I'll go with a french prose & word :
>> Je porte un chapeau, c'est un joli béret, il est en laine noire et *véritablement* très doux !
Now I'll translate for you :)
>> I'm wearing a hat, it's a pretty beret, is made of black wool and is *truly* soft !

(How interesting, hu ?!)

Anyway ! I'll keep my eyes peeled & my fingers crossed ! I may look silly for about a week ... But it's worth it if I win one of these cuties !!!
Especially because I'm a very long haired brunette and I call my boyfriend "Grizzly" ... Well, you got the picture ;)

x x x

Andrea Pedrech

Your beautiful drawings impart a "whimsicalness" that is unparalled by any artist I have seen in all of my years. They remind me of beautiful fairy tale books that I loved to read as a child and would love to find to give to my children. They bring me to a place where worries are forgotten and I am a little girl again. Thank you Eloise!! :o)


Under the circumstances, I feel compelled to post a comment here. And how could it be anything but complementary? Such lovely work, beautiful illustrations!
(I hope you are unembarressed.)

Do I get extra points for using 3?


I languishingly labor at my desk, biding the time to cast my vote. Thanksgivings to the state of California for allowing me to leave work 2 hours early :)
Please excuse my proselytizing, but I'm off to patriotically vote for Obama!

P.S. Although my name does mean Truth, it does not necessarily mean I am a philhellenist.

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