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October 30, 2008


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Ooooh I like! What a wonderful story. Do you have others that I have missed?

Hidden Eloise

hee hee:) Thank you sweety!!!
I throw in a fairytale whenever i can...sure there are others but i don't even remember where or when or what they were about...ehehhehe...:))
i'll have a look for you though :)
night night xxx


You're website is my newest discovery! I love your style! I think I've found a few prints that will look lovely in my apartment ;)

Hidden Eloise

Thank you lovely Carley :))

I'm happy you found me in my little hiding place :D
You are very welcome here!
Eloise xxx


I am sure to be the girl, yes the 100 year girl. To live deep in the forest where no human dare to tread...I go quietly stepping among the moss. A mouse scurries across my shoe, he stops to rest upon the other shoe. We have met before and always he falls under my gaze. He is soft and sweet so I shall let him go to meet upon the trail another day. For today I smell a bear and I am sure the bear smells me.

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