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September 26, 2008


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Diane Duda

That's funny because I stopped by thinking, "I haven't been here in awhile. I should catch up."
Turns out I really didn't miss anything.

Everything is as pretty as ever, though. We should both come here more often. ;)


Eloise from Hide n Seek

hehehe!! That's SO true!!

Thank you for visiting lovely Diane :))

Tracy Nuskey-Dodson

The long lost Miss Eloise,welcome back! I'm not very good at keeping up with my blog either and it's a huge source of guilt.
Oh well....


Glad to have you back! (Yaay!!)
And I agree...blogging can be tricky.

Most of the time, I think of it as a way to say "look what I made!" and other times it's just stuff that I think is cool and somewhat relevant to my own work. But definitely NOT a diary! :D

Hidden Eloise

hehehe that's so true!!

..i missed you sweet ladies!!!
If there is one thing that pushes me more than anything to keep my blog is these precious moments sharing with other lovely girls like you :))

Tracy, Jamie... muah!!! xxxxx


I hope you do start blogging more! I love to read the thoughts behind the creative madness...or lovliness. :)

Hidden Eloise

hey sweet Jessica!!
So nice to have you here in my little hiding place :)))
The give away over at your beautiful blog is awesome!! All the goodies..i want them!! lol :)))
You are very welcome here sweety!


The shameless self-promo aspect is really tricky for me - also, I DON'T like to reveal the (sometimes) dirty laundry. But then people think I'm shallow, or just don't comment!!

Sarah's Fab Day

Glad to see you blogging, I adore your work and always check in to see what's new.


I know this is an ancient post, but, oooh, I share your pain. :(
She found my notebook down the side of my bed where it had fallen. She left my bed dishevelled, and treated me hideously after. Hideously. :'((
Not that I was terribly complementary about her.
No apologies. Far too painful.
But I let it be swallowed in the depths of time.

Peculiar thing is time

Your art is so touching.
Hearts… Lou
:D xx

Hidden Eloise

Oh thank you my lovely Lou for sharing your story!
Forgotten and forgiven in my case too but always slightly eeky to remember the injustice of it all.
Shame on all the nosy mommys! :)

Bear hugs,
Eloise xxx

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