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May 08, 2008


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE the banner that you did for the new shop.
My other shop is http://woolies.etsy.com, and I sometimes think about a new banner/avatar....


That's too cute :) And I love the castle up on the hill! I've been feeling like doing some watery-like scenes lately too...

Hidden Eloise

Hi there sweet Sara :))

So nice to see you in my hiding place :D
Thank you for all your sweetness !!!
I actually made only the artwork not the actual banner but thank you anyway :D
Your banner is super cute too!!


Hidden Eloise

Thank you sweet Jamie!!!
I'm so glad to hear from you :)
I love love love your new scull slippers!!! ..."TINY… little… X’s…. in perfect… tiny… rows…".....
I love this line, sounds so cute :))

Sending hugs your way!!


Sharon Henry

Your work is absolutely sublime!! Just gorgeous!! ~ Sharon

ayelet (nishale)

You have to write stories too!
Love your art as always!

Hidden Eloise

thank you sweet Ayelet :))))
I'm so happy to see you around here my hiding place of a blog!
Sending you big hugs!!!!!!

Lula Boutique

Beautiful art and lovely blog! :)

Courtney Quiet City

I came across your Etsy shop and then your blog. I can't move on without telling you how much I love your work! I can't wait to see more.

sheer whimsy

i love this!!!! beautiful beautiful work!


Dear Eloise, as always, I adore your work. Please check out my recent post on your efforts - it is a small mention, but a mention nonetheless....


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