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February 17, 2008


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Eloise, your story is so funny and cute!
First kiss...hmmm...
Well, when I was 22 I met Henry and we started dating steady. Up till then I'd never gone out with anyone or even been kissed. Shortly after we began going out, we talked seriously about our relationship and how neither of us wanted any empty promises or actions that would hurt us later. So we decided not to say "I love you" unless we were sure we meant it and to save our first kiss until then.
Months later after a date Henry brought me over to his parents' place to visit. We were chatting when I suddenly realized that I was in love. I wasn't sure what to do (I've always been super shy). But I got up my courage, leaned over and whispered "I love you", and then pecked him on the lips. He looked absolutely shocked for a second or two, then he got a goofy grin on his face, said "monkey see, monkey do!" and kissed me back! :)

Hidden Eloise

Such a lovely story lilbean!!
Thank you so much for sharing with us :DDDD
So courageous and lovable as always!
I send you many kisses too!!!!


Oh, this was soooo long ago...you know how as you get older, your first memories get cloudy and you wonder if you haven't "idealized" them as the years went by? Well, this is how I remember it.

I was such a tomboy when I was little, and at recess at school, played with the boys instead of sitting around gossiping or playing dolls with the girls. We would run around playing tag and making up games based on our favorite cartoons. Definitely lots of running, though :)

This was waaay back in kindergarten. There was this one boy (isn't there always?) who was a bit shy, and he had something wrong with one of his eyes, so he had to wear an eye patch all the time---which I loved him for! There was one large tree on our playground, and we all ended up climbing it at some point or another during our made-up games. Somehow, myself and this boy ended up in the top of the tree together, *alone*...so I took the opportunity to give him a kiss! Amidst the screaming and laughing of the other children, running around below us, it seemed that time stood still up in that tree. In my memory, the bell indicating that recess was over started to ring, but we sat there giggling for awhile and ended up almost being late for class...

my family ended up moving away not long after that, so I never saw him after that year, but kindergarten holds a lot of memories for me :)


He probably still remembers you too, sweet Jamie!
Thank you for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed travelling through such lovely memories :)


Dear Hiden, it has been sooooo long since that first kiss, that I had to work on the memory a few days to get it back into sharp focus.

I remember all the girls in my high school "dating" and going to dances with the guys, talking about their kisses and romantic moments, but I was shy and didn't have such adventures. I spent time with girlfriends and went to pizza and bowling with groups from church, but no dates and dances with kisses and romance!

I was in the band, and the summer before my senior year we had "Band Camp." We spent about 6 hours every day for 3 weeks at the school playing instruments and marching in formations to learn drills for the upcoming football season. The #1 Trumbone Player was my crush from afar. He was tall and blond and talented and all things wonderful, as far as I was concerned. I spent the entire three week period thinking about him and writing his name across pages of my notebook - and then hiding it whenever anyone would come by.

Well, the first football game came and the band played and it was exciting and wonderful and our team won, and I was completely wrapped up in the sport and being in the band. I was also pretty happy inside because, as fate would have it, I ended up sitting next to George in the stands. :)

When the winning field goal was kicked, I hopped up out of my seat with my arms in the air, and popped George in the nose! I WAS MORTIFIED. I remember sitting down with tears in my eyes, too embarrased to even look at him. I mumbled "sorry" and felt my face turning red as can be.

He was laughing and I was sure it was at me.

Next thing I knew, I felt his arm around me on my shoulder. I looked up and - he bent over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, laughing and telling me it was all right! Astounding!

I was in shock, I think, because I put my head back down and right then the band director had us begin to play the victory song so I couldn't think about it anymore. We marched back to the band room, playing all the way, and I just changed out of my uniform and went home! My heart was flipping and flopping the whole way home. What an experience! I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry!

George and I later became absolutely great friends, and we are still in touch with each other these many years later.

Hidden Eloise

This was such an enjoyable and beautiful story wildhare!!!

I'm so privileged to read it and SO thankful that you shared it here!!

A big smile gets stuck on my face each n every time i read it!
thank you:DD
I send you a big kiss too!!!!


So my fun loving, a very cute 5 year old son, seems to have many girls at his pre-school that like him. Each day I have a mother come up to me saying that their daughter wants a play date with Tyler. His one friend, Kelsey, seems to be his favorite. The two are way too cute together. So one day she comes up to him at school and puts a big kiss right on his cheek followed by a huge hug. I think every parent must have said "AWE" at the same time. She tells him "I love you" and he responds with a hug back "I love you too!" I think I about cried at that moment. So I pick him up later on and he tells me he's (now get this), "in- love" with Kelsey and they got married today. I asked who married you and he said Kelsey. To which I meant who performed the ceremony. But that's a 5 year old for you. Pre-school age cracks me up.

Shannon Reese


I read through all these stories but I'm not sure if this one will be considered gross or just simply sweet!
I was in the 6th grade and I was "going steady" with this boy. Well we always rode the bus together to school and somehow that one day when I decided to muster up the courage to kiss him (I was a tomboy, too.. and terribly shy..), I finally did it BUT right after we got off the bus and headed to the cafeteria to wait for homeroom, I threw up on his shoes and pants. How embarrassing is that???? I was horrified and eventually was sent home because I had a virus. But this boy was so sweet to hold my hand and told me it was ok and that he hoped I would get to feeling better soon. We went steady for a few more months then broke up but by golly, he was so sweet despite the fact I threw up on him. Sweet, eh?


I am 32 and already losing my mind. I cannot recollect my first kiss entirely, but I believe it was a little boy who lived down the road from my grandparents house in Arkansas. My grandfather lived, with grandma of course, atop this huge hill in what to me was a huge mansion type house. These other people, I cannot remember their last name, had a son and daughter, Brendan & Megan. I recall everyone, to this day, joshing with me about the fact that I kissed him in like first grade.

I don't know what happened to him. Hmm...

However, I didn't have any fireworks kisses from that point on .... until I met, Jim. Hence, my etsy name "ilovejim". I do love him. He is my first love, soul mate, everything. He makes me giggle, sing, everything. When I kiss him, sparks fly. He has helped me through 4 surgeries in the last 5/6 years (endometriosis is a awful disease). He has met my parents, my sister, everyone loves him. He loves my cats, Mirace & Bear, too, even though he's allergic to them.

The only kisses that matter to me these days are the ones from him...that devilishly handsome man named Jim.

Hidden Eloise

Shannon, your story proves how love is unconditional...how cute was he that boy:)
We've all been through those embarrassing moments that seem less embarrassing as years pass...:D
I think your story was totally sweet and i enjoyed it so much:)
Thank you

Hidden Eloise

Thank you lovely Amy for sharing:))
I can't imagine how cute would that be!!!

Hidden Eloise

Joyce...I'm so moved by your cute n sincere story!!!
I find your username and the reason behind it's conception, absolutely charming!!!!
I'm very sorry you've been through surgeries and weak health:((
I send you my best wishes for long health and continual happiness next to your dear Jim:)))))))

Many kisses xxxxx


Oh, Eloise. C'est la vie! My health is mostly fine, endometriosis is just a disease of horrific pain. As my doctor says "you feel like you have cancer...but you aren't actually going to die". If it doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger..right? You learn to deal as best you can. Depressing? yes. Hopeless? no. There's no cure. It just makes me have a bunch of surgeries, crawl in bed and take drugs when it rears its very ugly head. Thankfully, everything else with me is okay. My heart is good, I eat pretty darn healthy, I drink lots of water, and I do not smoke or drink. All in all, I think everyone has a vice or a hump they must get over in life. This is just mine! At least I do have my family and my Jim! I have fabulous health insurance, a decent job, which all leads to a checking account/credit card so I can buy off Etsy:) haha!

This is why I surround myself with pretty things that I like that make me feel comfortable. Home is where my heart is and home always makes me feel better. (though someday I hope for a larger home with Viking Stainless Steel Appliances..haha)

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